Having a different class C IP hosting address is like having a large company with multiple subsidies therefore monopolizing the market with your products and services scattered every corner. Having a different class C IPs will increase your ranking in the search engine result pages by creating links and websites that cannot be detected by search engine to be interrelated therefore marking it as spam is wuite impossible because search engine will not detect any relationships with these different class C IPs.

In the world of SEO having a different IP address does really have an advantage but also some disadvantages as this same method that could be employed to boost your web page ranking, could also be employed by black hat SEOs to destroy your SERP ranking. It is an unethical strategy but it does exist and Google cannot do a major thing about it at the moment.

If you are going to establish a big business online, it pays to purchase a package of class C IPs to equip your site with a tool that could promote it in search engine result pages and could protect your site to maintain its position in SERP rankings. It is a continuous endeavor that site owners need to maintain as long as quantitative SEO is concern. Click on here to know more about the benefits of class C IPs.

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Dedicated SEO web host is a website hosting in which the owner leases or buys the whole server which is not shared with anyone. The owner will have control of both physical and virtual aspect of the server and therefore needed more technical workers and support. Learn more here.

Dedicated web host is however a complex subject matter and is not for beginners of the World Wide Web industry. It is for a large companies that have been working and living in the virtual world for a considerable period of time that they are well acquainted with the dos and don’ts of online world. IT and engineering support is necessary if you purchase a dedicated web host, the fact that you could be a web host company yourself.

There ae really a lot of things to learn when it comes to SEO and web hosting, it is more complex than we thought and we might not be able to understand them instantly or learn them all. It will take a lot of painstaking years of web serving, hosting or running your website in different ways possible. We will be encountering a lot of trial and errors before we could attain the expert’s knowledge about dedicate web hosting but that is if we could survive the journey of learning from experience.

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